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Name: Alex Were

Profession:Software Engineering

I am a diligent software engineer with 3 years of experience in business applications. I am eager to collaborate on an out-of-the-box solutions. I am skilled in developing plans, managing projects, and writing user manuals.

I have learnt that Technology has transformed our world in ways we could have never imagined. From revolutionary inventions to groundbreaking innovations, it has reshaped the way we live, work, and connect with one another. But behind every great technological advancement, there are people who tirelessly strive to make the tech space better.

To achieve a sustainable future, we have to be the innovators, the dreamers, and the visionaries who push the boundaries of what is possible.

Are you like-minded?


Front End - Html5,CSS,Bootstrap,React

Back End - Php[Laravel], Python, Java[Spring], Web3

Databases - MySQL, NOSQL, MariaDB, Access, Google Workspaces

Soft Skills




Work Experience

My career path has been a vibrant journey through diverse roles, each one bringing new challenges and opportunities for growth. I find immense satisfaction in tackling complex problems and applying my skills to deliver impactful results. The joy of exceeding expectations and collaborating with amazing teams fuels my passion for every situation.

Reflecting on my work experiences, I realize a consistent thread: a deep engagement with the tasks at hand and a genuine desire to contribute meaningfully. Each position has instilled invaluable lessons, honed my skills, and allowed me to make a positive impact. Today, I stand confident in my abilities and eager to leverage them to make a difference in new and exciting ways.

May - 2023 to Jan-2024

Denaco Analytics, Nairobi

Brand Ambassador

I represented my region in the organizational meetings. It involved presenting the organization's programs and sharing feedback based on potential clients comments.

Oct - 2020to Dec - 2020

QA World, Remote

Audio Transciber,

Listening to recorded audio and transcribing them to text. The task involved keen verification to detail and ensuring the submitted files were clean.

Mar - 2021 to Jan - 2024

KCA University, Main Campus

Schl. of Technology, Work Study assistant

I provided technical support to faculty, troubleshooting both computers and printers. I also proposed and implemented innovative solutions, leading to improved efficiency.

Mar - 2020 to Aug - 2020

Tution School Academy,Thika

Maths, Physics and ICT tutor

Teaching mathematics, Physics and Computer Studies. It was during the Covid-19 lockdown, students got the relevant skills needed for their progress under harsh conditions.

My Expertise

I thrive in the digital space, crafting intuitive user interfaces and developing engaging web and mobile applications. Possessing a keen understanding of project management principles, I ensure seamless execution from concept to launch. My passion extends beyond development, encompassing SEO strategies and online marketing tactics to drive user engagement and product success.


Designing the screens and controls you interact with on websites and apps, making them easy and enjoyable to use.

Web Development

Building the code that makes websites function, allowing you to access information and services online.

Apps Development

Creating mobile apps for your phone or tablet, bringing convenient tools and experiences right to your palm.

Project Management

Keeping projects organized and on track, ensuring everything gets done efficiently and within budget.


Making websites easier for search engines to find, helping people discover your product or service online.

Online Marketing

Creating strategies to promote your product online, using social media and advertising to reach your target audience.

My Portfolio

My passion for Software Development shines through in the diverse projects I've taken on. From Web Design to development, I've tackled a range of challenges and honed my skills in Applications. Dive into my projects below to see how I've brought innovation and expertise to life.

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  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • App Development

Collatel Web Design

Yerh-Kenya website Figma Design

Queen's Way Resort Web Development

Purpose Life Media House Web Development

Ramani Homes Web Development

SOT Techpath App Development

Pizza POS App Development

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Alex Were

Software Engineer

Nairobi, Kenya.

+254 710 586 079

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